Unexpected Blessings….

Did you ever start out to do something with the intent of helping someone else only to find that you are the one that receives blessings? A long time ago, last week, when I started this blog, I did so with the hope that my words might some day be able to encourage, uplift or maybe even inspire someone who read them. What I did not expect or anticipate was that I would be the one uplifted, encouraged and inspired. Since posting my first blog I have been the recipient of many kind and supportive comments. Many of you have even shared your own experiences and “miracles”. Your comments and experiences have been a great blessing to me this week and I am very grateful.

As I was reflecting on these unexpected blessings, I began to wonder why it was that I was surprised. I have learned through many similar experiences that when I try to help others, I am usually the one that is blessed. This started me thinking about the nature of service. Throughout my life I have had many opportunities to serve. These opportunities have come to me through my church, my community and other organizations. I have found that being part of a large service project can be a very rewarding experience and can do a great deal of good for those being served. However, service is not limited to these large, structured projects. I believe that service can be performed anywhere and at anytime. Serving others can take only a moment and can be as simple as a phone call, a hug or even a smile. If we have a desire to serve others and strive to be aware of those around us, I believe that our Heavenly Father will place people in our path that we have the ability to help. As we use our abilities to help those that He places in our path He blesses us in the process. When Christ was on the earth He taught that “….whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it” (Luke 9:24). I believe that it is through consistent, daily acts of service to others that we “lose” ourselves and become more like the Savior.


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10 Responses to Unexpected Blessings….

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was in a grumpy mood just now, but I feel a little lighter/better after reading that. Thanks


  2. Sabrina "Your Twinner" Showalter says:

    And The People Said… AMEN!
    You always make my Heart Smile! Thanks


  3. Jason Wright says:

    Amen. The key to service is asking God for opportunities and then being willing to take them once they hit our path. If we want them and our eyes are open, He give us all we handle.


  4. carrie says:

    always good to remember that little actsof service dont have to be thought out or really directed at people…Heavenly Father has gien us a world of creatures who give us entertainment and wonder… i spend a lot of time looking out the indows of my work place…this summer i caught on to the fact that the birds of all shapes and sizes seemed to be fending well as far as feeding themselves but with the dry air they would study the water spicket on the porch…i noticed that they would hang out by it with mouths gapping…i thought , i wonder , could they know that is a water source? so i went out and ran a lil water…as soon as i came back in they swamped the puddle…since then it has become a ritual that i give the birds just a lil water each day…i know it might seem silly but this small act brings me great joy….your on a great path Sandy…keep us thinking


    • Thanks Carrie. I think I have enjoyed reading the comments as much or more than I have writing the blog. I didn’t think about animals when I wrote this, but I think you are right. The animals are God’s creations too and I believe that act of kindness and service to them is pleasing to Him too….


  5. Rose says:

    I love Carrie’s comment about the birds. That’s so sweet. And Sandra, you are so right about not knowing how our actions impacts others. I remember when my family were going through a rough time with my brother dying. We had to make the decision about whether or not to unplug him from life support. We were in the middle of trying to work that out and I had the assignment to make arrangements following his death. I went to work just to give myself a break from the emotional turmoil and there on my answering machine was a message from my best friend chattering about something going on in her life. There was a message from someone else wanting the recipe of that yummy chocolate cake I’d taken to our game night the other night and oh by the way….. There was a message from my sister who did know I was going to be contacting funeral homes that morning who just called to check in and see how I was doing with everything. And there was the message from another friend reminding me about something coming up. On any other day those messages would have been just another interruption of my work day. But, that day they were a gift from Heaven Father because He knew I needed to be pulled back into daily living. I’ve often wondered how many people received a tap on the shoulder and that quiet whisper to call b4 those 4 people actually responded to the call. I know there have been many opportunities I’ve let slip by. I’m grateful for the ones who listened and picked up that phone.


    • Thanks so much for sharing that Rose. I too have let opportunites slip by. I have regretted these missed opportunities and have hoped and prayed that someone else responded to the call. I am grateful for the times that I have listened and responded. These times have been some of the greatest blessings of my life….


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