Thinking Positively….

According to the “all knowing” creators of my trusty desk calendar, Thursday was “National Positive Thinking Day”. These creators also declared Thursday to be “Fortune Cookie Day” and “National Peanut Day” but fortune cookies and peanuts have nothing to do with this post….

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the profound effect that our thoughts have on how we view the world and how we function in it each day. Last year I was fortunate to hear singer/songwriter Hilary Weeks speak at an event that I attended. She spoke passionately about the power of positive thinking. She said that if we focus on positive things, our thoughts will be more positive and our lives in turn will become more positive. I agree completely.

I think that as we focus on the positive things around us our lives become more positive, optimistic and hopeful. I was thinking about this a few days ago on my way to work. Five days a week, I drive the same route to work at approximately the same time. Last Friday, I was in a particularly positive frame of mind. My commute that day was different. First, I noticed the most amazing sunrise and breathtaking cloud formations. Next, while I was stopped at a traffic signal a patch of beautiful wildflowers on the side of the road caught my eye. Then, while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, I enjoyed watching a flock of geese frolicking down by the river below. As I arrived I mused about the fact that the only thing different about my commute that day was my attitude. The previous day I had passed the same streets and the same beautiful things without taking notice of them.

While I’m not always successful, most days I do try to look for the positive and recognize the good around me. I am continually in awe of the beauty of the world that our Heavenly Father has created for us. I believe that if we strive to see the world and ourselves as our Heavenly Father does we will see more of the beautiful, positive and good. As we are able to see the world as more positive and hopeful, we become a part of making it that way for others….


P.S. Check out Hilary Weeks’ positive thinking website:

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21 Responses to Thinking Positively….

  1. Weda Longhorn says:

    True. On the way to work somedays you look for positive things. When the traffic is too much, I take the “scenic route”. This route is not always the same, such as life. Sometimes we get redirected but we should try to be observant of wat we get to see on the way.


  2. Rose Haynes says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to be positive. I find when I’m in one of those not so positive days all I have to do is make a gratitude list. I just start writing down all the things I’m grateful for and why and suddenly the world doesn’t look so glum.


  3. Tracy Haynes says:

    Hey, Sandra. Bob put a link up to your blog on my FB wall, and several of my friends have read it and liked it. Keep up the good work. I’ve added you to my Google Reader–I look forward to reading more. This was a good start to my day. Thanks!


  4. Sabrina "Your Twinner" Showalter says:

    Love it! I always remember that a good friend of ours wrote about taking the “long way home.” I never leave home without a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I even drive with my visor down so I can be sure to check to see that the smile stays on m face…. you never know who might need that smile. :O) Your words make my heart smile… love you


    • Yes, our friend has definitely been an inspiration to me….and thousands of others. “I will never say no to taking the long way home….”

      You ALWAYS make me smile Sabrina. You are a blessing to so many….Love you tons!


  5. judy says:

    Great Blog!


  6. Jennie says:

    Sandra this is a great blog post and I love Hilary’s concept on positive thinking. Did you know he has a video describing it briefly? You can find it here,


  7. Anonymous says:

    I definitely will try this exercise. Sometimes I am way to caught up in the things going on in the world that I don’t take time to see the things of the world. :)


  8. bearyspclmom says:

    Thank you for this perspective! Usually I am so caught up in trying to get somewhere, and usually running late, that positive thinking is the last thing on my mind. Thank you for the reminder, so now I can push it to the forefront a little more! For the most part though I am a positive thinker, I am a glass half full, benefit of the doubt person. It is hard being married to someone who is completely the opposite. We have been married for 19 years this past Tues.9/18, and I love him dearly, but I need to be positive enough for the both of us. Sometimes it’s hard to stay in that frame of mind ALL the time when so many bad things keep happening to us, but I know in my heart it will get better, and God will be there for us, and help get us through. He never gives more than we can handle. As long as I stay positive i can handle what comes our way. Thanks for the inspiration Sandra!


  9. jasonfwright says:

    Okay, I fibbed, I said the other one was my favorite so far. It’s THIS one… Love this reminder… And I’m glad you mentioned Hilary’s project. It’s SUCH a GREAT idea. My wife uses this with her YW at church and it’s made a real difference…

    Keep blogging, Sandra. You’re on a roll.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing this blog! I loved what you learned on the way to work. It is amazing what we can learn when we just LOOK with positive eyes!


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