Born Out of Time?

aged-21843_1280Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong time? Do you sometimes feel like I do, that you should have been born in a different decade or even a different century? My undergraduate degree was in History so I have spent many hours pouring over history textbooks and historical novels. I have envisioned how my life would have been in many different time periods.

With each time period that I envisioned, I found advantages and disadvantages. However, about the time my beautiful, angelic little children turned thirteen years old, I decided that the Middle Ages were the time for me. In the Middle Ages, when children became teenagers they were deemed to be adults. They married and started lives of their own. At the time, that sounded pretty good. Ok, so maybe in the midst of my struggles with raising teenagers, I was being a bit overly dramatic…..As difficult as their teenage years were, I would have never wanted to see my children leave home at thirteen-on most days….

Upon reflection, I have come to realize that it is through my own children that my Heavenly Father has taught me some of His most important lessons. He has shown me through example what a good parent should be.

As I have grown impatient with my children for not listening to me, He has reminded me of how many times He has been patient with me when I have “forgotten” to listen to Him. When I have become frustrated with my children for making the same mistakes over and over, He has reminded me of how forgiving He has been with me when I have continued making the same mistakes. At times when I have grown exasperated with my children for asking the same questions again and again after they have been told no, He has lovingly reminded me of how often I have asked Him the same questions again after being told no.

He is my Father. I am His child. Remembering how He has responded to me at these times has helped me to be more loving, understanding and patient with my own children.

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12 Responses to Born Out of Time?

  1. Sabrina "Your Twinner" Showalter says:

    I have always wanted to live the life of the Ingalls Family in Little House On The Prairie. If I could live in that era when times were simple and people really came together and helped one another plus they really gave Thanks To GOD.


  2. Rose Haynes says:

    When I first read the title my mind went in an entirely different direction. Since I’m moving and packing (or should I say NOT packing) I’m feeling constantly out of time. Then, I thought that really we are all out of time the scriptures warn us to “not procrastinate the day of your repentance”. So, we are all out of time because all we have is today to make sure we are square with God, with ourselves, and with our fellow beings. Made me think Sandra.


  3. Vicky says:

    Thanks for a thoughtful blog. I love to read personal accounts from history, but I know that I’m living in the right time for me. I sure hope I’m still here when HE comes again.

    On another note, I do think being a parent has taught me more about God than any other experience so far. (Although being a wife is pretty instructive!)


  4. Anonymous says:

    When I was a teenager I wished I had been born when they wore long skirts because I was so skinny and my knees were so knobby. Not a problem anymore.
    Let me tell you my theory of child raising. The three trimesters of pregnancy mirror child raising. The first trimester you feel sick and notice all kinds of pains you didn’t have before and there isn’t much that can be done about it. That is like children from birth to about age 4. They can’t tell you whats wrong. They keep you up at night. They are completely dependent. The second trimester the morning sickness is past and the bump isn’t too big. You are thinking life is a breeze. Age 5 to about 11 or 12 they are reasonably obedient, they say precious things and give wonderful Sunday School answers and we are thinking, “This parenting thing is a breeze. I have so got it down. My children are far better than anyone else’s.” Then comes the third trimester/teenage years and all you can think is, “I don’t care what I have to do or how much it hurts, I WANT THIS KID OUT OF HERE!!”
    Sometimes I think what a bunch of teenagers we all are to our Heavenly Father. Some days just whiny toddlers, but some days we are ungrateful and rebellious.
    But in defense of teenagers. Being a teenager bites as we all know, and many of them handle it with quite a lot of grace. GO KIDDOS!


  5. Janice says:

    I really enjoyed this message. It is good to reflect on how much patience I need in my life, vs. how much the Lord has been patient with me. It reminds me of an article I read this week called “Wait upon the Lord, Thy Will be Done” which talks about hoping and trusting in the Lord.

    As far as living during another time period, shows like Little House on Prairie, Waltons, or books like Pride and Prejudice, or Anne of Green Gables etc. I love, so that is what I think I’d enjoy. But to get right down to it, I love my modern conveniences, so ought to be more grateful.


  6. jasonfwright says:

    My favorite SincerelySandra piece so far. EGGSELLENT!


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