The Power of One

I realize that tomorrow is just the first day of October, but today I am really feeling the Christmas spirit. I attribute this to an amazing new Christmas novel by Jason F. Wright that I received this week in the mail. This boost in Christmas spirit got me to thinking about one of my favorite Christmas movies “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I love this movie in part because I love Jimmy Stewart. I met Mr. Stewart once, many years ago. After spending a few minutes chatting with him I came away more enamored than ever with the man. He was as warm, kind and compassionate in person as he appeared to be on the big screen. The main reason I love this movie though is due to the beautiful message that it portrays. This movie teaches that each person’s life has value and worth and can touch the lives of many others in ways that they may never know.

I think that we often underestimate the influence that we can have in the world in which we live. We sometimes tell ourselves that we are just “one person” and question our ability to “make a difference”. What I think we fail to realize is that each person that we influence can in turn influence many others that are unseen to us. Each life that we touch can touch countless others in countless ways. Mother Teresa said: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”. Each of us can cast the stones that create ripples that can change the world. No matter what our station is in life or where we call home, we can change the world one day at time, one person at a time, one act at a time. As we follow the example set for us by just “one man” who lived 2000 years ago in a little corner of the world called Galilee, we will change it into a much better place for all of us.


P.S. If you would like to read the amazing new Christmas novel that inspired this post you can order “The 13th Day of Christmas” @

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4 Responses to The Power of One

  1. jasonfwright says:

    You’re very kind, Sandra. And let me say that if you appreciate this concept, you will truly love Kevin Milne’s next book. It’s called The One Good Thing and it’s faaaantastic.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Great post. Good reminder of the big effects of simple acts of kindness. But I’m not quite ready for Christmas yet. I think October and November are my favorite months (:


  3. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know you met the man of my dreams! I guess I was born “out of time”, if I wanted to be with him though…lol My fave movie with Jimmy is, The shop around the corner. Also, as long as we’re plugging Christmas books, The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck is where it’s at! I love the Christmas season, and I love you mom. ; )


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