With a little help from my friends…..


This was a good week. Thanks to the miracle we call the internet, I was able to connect with some new friends and reconnect with some old ones. As I reflect on my week I am grateful for the things that these friends have taught me.


One friend taught me that I should focus more on my strengths and less on my weaknesses. Unfortunately, we tend to compare our own weakest traits to the strongest traits of those around us. We each have unique talents, abilities and gifts to offer. However, when we emphasize the positive in others but focus mainly on the negative in ourselves we usually underestimate our own worth.


Another friend reminded me that what I think about myself is more important than what others think about me. There will always be some people that like who I am and what I do and some that don’t. The most important thing is for me to like who I am.


Yet another friend taught me that when I am confronted with a problem or task that overwhelms me, I can break it into smaller more manageable pieces. These smaller pieces are much less daunting. As each of these smaller pieces are completed I grow closer and closer to accomplishing the original task or solving the original problem.


I think that the most important lesson that I learned from a friend this week is that we are all different but we are much more alike than we might think. We often think that we are the only ones going through the trials and difficulties we face. We isolate ourselves and suffer in silence. Usually others are battling similar trials or have overcome them in the past. If we reach out to others we will usually find that they can be a great source of strength, support and comfort to us.


So, thanks to the internet and friends old and new, this was a good week. I am grateful for friends like Roberta, Kevin, Jason and Laura and the things they have taught me this week through their words and their examples. I’m looking forward to finding out what my friends will teach me this week…..



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4 Responses to With a little help from my friends…..

  1. Rose Haynes says:

    Thanks Sandra. Heavenly Father tends to teach me valuable lessons through friends too. I think that why it’s so important to put ourselves out there and open our mouths even when we might feel a little uncomfortable. You never know who you might touch.


    • I agree Rose. Many times I have felt prompted to say or do something for a friend and I have not understood the purpose at the time. Sometimes years later I find out how important it was that I followed through on that prompting…


  2. bearyspclmom says:

    Another great job! Well done! Love reading these!! Keep the inspiration coming!!


  3. Thanks Shelly! You are so sweet!!


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