Finding Joy in the Journey….

Do you ever feel like you are wishing your life away? When we are little children we wish to be teenagers. When we are teenagers we wish to be adults.

When we become adults we begin to wish away all kinds of things. We wish for the time when we are finished with college, for the time when we are married, for the time when we have children. We wish for the time when our children say their first words, take their first steps, start school.

We often wish away large parts of our life waiting for the next stage or event to happen. I myself am sometimes guilty of this. I tell myself that if I can just “get through” this next few days or weeks or even months, everything will be better. As a result, I find myself just enduring or surviving until I make it though to that time.

I do my best to avoid wishing my life away like this. I try to remember to enjoy each day and all of the beauty in it. I try not to sacrifice the enjoyment of the journey by focusing only on the destination, but sometimes it is difficult.

This week I was busy preparing for several upcoming events. I was a bit overwhelmed and found this to be one of those times that I was focusing on the destination and definitely not enjoying the journey. One day while I was walking to my car some tiny little flowers caught my eye. I paused and spent a few minutes just enjoying the intricacy and beauty of these flowers.

So in the midst of my stress and chaos and my focus on the destination…..My Heavenly Father stopped me in my tracks with one of the tiniest of His creations. I am grateful for His reminder that joy is in the journey not the destination…..



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14 Responses to Finding Joy in the Journey….

  1. Deborah says:

    so your saying I’m suppose to enjoy homeschooling my kids each day instead of asking myself what the heck am I thinking?? Just kidding–Deb


  2. jasonfwright says:

    Well put… I’ll try to enjoy the journey to being out of power, instead of actually being out of power :)

    And by the way, if Hurricane Sandy takes off my roof, we’re totally blaming you. (and my mom)


  3. Sabrina "Your Twinner" Showalter says:

    I’m so Happy when God stops me and gives me special little moments to let me know that he is always in Control. I have never forgotten that our Sweet Friend and Favorite Author taught me to “take the long way home” :)


  4. Vicky says:

    Thank goodness you had your eyes open. The Lord can open our heart if we will just pay attention on the way. It’s the blinders (including electronic ones) as much as the “wishing” that often keep me from enjoying the “now”.


  5. I know what you mean Vicky, electronic blinders can really get in the way sometimes…..


  6. bearyspclmom says:

    You knocked it out of the park again!! Great job!! Thank you once again for the reminders!!!


  7. Nastasia Nazar says:

    I love this one, I know exactly what you mean… Great insights mom!


  8. CeCe says:

    Very Good, Sandra! Love this site you’ve created! You are very perceptive and aware, and have a down-to-earth communication of your ideas. Funny how Sabrina said, God is always in control. The reason that what you have written here, and what she said relates so well with me, is that a few weeks ago, I went with a friend on a trip of sorts. That trip was about her upcoming divorce, and going to the far away court house (in advance) for answers. All along, I tried to smooth the upset feelings she was experiencing, by pointing out interesting things along the way. The morning air was so wonderful, that we opened the windows and enjoyed the breeze. The skies were full of beautiful clouds and colors. There was so much of God’s glorious beauty to see along the way, that I particulary felt in awe. It felt like a renewal of spirit, to me! After all was said and done, she didn’t have good news on her situation, so it seemed. We left from the Weatherford courthouse. Sadness had overcome her. But, as we drove through the area, looking for a place to stop and eat, there was a big sign (it front of a small church). It said: (GOD IS IN CONTROL!) Suddenly, I realized that perhaps God really is in control! And maybe she isn’t supposed to get the answer she’d hoped for, just yet. I pointed the sign out to her, and told her, you see…God will settle this in his time, which may not be exactly when we think it should be. Then, the mood changed and we began to joke and laugh, and had a wonderful time all the way back home. Plano to Weatherford and back, is quite a round-trip, so it took all day. We no longer felt that it was a wasted trip, but that this experience had resolved her concerns about things going on her life that appeared to be out of her control. Just knowing that this was all in God’s control, made all of the difference in her attitude. Now, she seems to be full of joy, and happy again! For now, she has set aside her concerns, and knows that all will done by God’s Will. So, the funny thing is, that right when she most needed a sign from God, there it was…..(GOD IS IN CONTROL)!


  9. Thanks CeCe, I appreciate the compliments and the story. That is one of the reasons that I love doing this blog. I love all of the stories and insights that I receive from those who read it…..God is in control and we just have to have the faith to leave it in His hands and in His time….


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