A Work In Progress…

For the last year our church building has been under construction. Our congregation has been fortunate enough to receive an addition and remodel to our building that has left it three times as large as it began.

We have been thrilled to receive this addition to our building and consider ourselves greatly blessed. However, the last year has been somewhat of an adventure. It has been difficult and challenging at times.

For the last year we have conducted our meetings in somewhat of a construction zone. Each week brought new changes and challenges. At times we dealt with rooms without doors, walls or even electricity. We dealt with sawdust, drywall dust and water leaks. Probably one of the most difficult challenges was the lack of air conditioning in the middle of Summer.

Today, we dedicated our beautiful new completed building. It is more impressive and beautiful than I could have imagined. All of the challenges, difficulties and sacrifices of the last year seem so insignificant and trivial now as I enjoy the beauty and splendor of our new building.

Today as I reflected on our building and its construction, I thought how we are like our building. We too are under construction. We are a “work in progress”. As we strive to change and grow into the person that we would like to be,…the person that our Heavenly Father would like us to be, we must deal with some growing pains.

We must deal with a little construction dust and a little extra heat. We must deal with some of our walls and doors disappearing so that they can be replaced by better ones. We must endure the difficulties and trials that this change brings.

One day with our Heavenly Father’s help, we will realize the beauty and splendor of the person that we have become, and we will recognize how trivial and insignificant the sacrifices were that we made during our “construction”.



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8 Responses to A Work In Progress…

  1. I looove this! It’s my favorite one so far.


  2. Rose Haynes says:

    I need a warning sign…WARNING Work Zone Ahead….Just to let friends and family know to approach with caution. Especially during those times when lots of work is taking place. Construction areas CAN be dangerous!!!!


  3. bearyspclmom says:

    Great One!
    I could use the signs too!


  4. Marie Rice says:

    Very nice, Sandy. I will see if I can save these. When does your book come out? Seriously, you have spiritual insights and talent in conveying them.


  5. Palak says:

    Beautifully put ^_^


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