Easter Gratitude…

Today is Easter and I am feeling very grateful. I am feeling grateful not only for all of the things that we celebrate at Easter: the birth, life, and resurrection of Christ, but for the fact that I have survived the last week.

There were no major catastrophes in my life this week, There were no accidents or injuries. There were no floods or fires, no tornadoes or earthquakes.

It was just one of those weeks where each day seemed an impossible feat to accomplish. Each morning greeted me with too many things to accomplish and too little energy to accomplish them. Each day was filled with stress, chaos and mishaps. Each night I went to sleep feeling overtired and overwhelmed.

I am continually amazed and disappointed that I allow trivial and unimportant things affect me so much. To my credit, there were a lot of trivial and unimportant things that happened, but there are so many people that have struggled this week with much greater trials than mine. Instead of focusing on my own misfortune, I wish that I had spent more time trying to make their lives a little easier, a little less of a struggle.

So, today, I am grateful. I am grateful for my stressful, hectic, chaotic week. I am grateful for good friends that helped to make my burdens lighter and my struggles easier to bear. I am grateful for the example of unselfish service that they set for me. I am grateful that my blessings far outweigh my trials.

Most of all, on this Easter morning, I am grateful for my Savior. As I reflect on how difficult this last week has been, I am reminded of His last week. I am reminded of everything that He had to endure, of everything that He had to suffer. I am reminded that He Lives.

I am grateful.

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1 Response to Easter Gratitude…

  1. Rose Haynes says:

    Me too…thanks for putting into words Sandra.


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