What I learned from a four year old – Part two

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I have the privilege of working with children every Sunday at church. I call it a “privilege” because I LOVE little children! I love being with them, I love teaching them and most of all I love what they teach me.

A few months ago, I wrote about how a four year old taught me to take responsibility for my actions, to trust completely and to love unconditionally. This past week one of his classmates taught me another very important lesson.

Last Sunday, I was having one of “those” days. It was one of those days where everything seemed a struggle. I kept forgetting things, misplacing things and dropping things. I just felt “out of sync”. So when church was over, it seemed only natural that I could not find my car keys.

As I removed the contents of my purse one item at a time in search of my keys, a handsome little four year old with red hair and big blue eyes watched intently. As I reached the depths of the black hole that resides in the bottom of my purse, I finally found my keys. The little four year old looked up at me with sincere eyes and a big smile and said “Good Job!”.

After I picked myself up from the puddle on the floor that I had melted into, I thought how powerful those two words were. I thought how two simple words uttered by this beautiful child had stopped me in my tracks and turned my day completely around.

As I reflected on this, I was reminded how little effort it takes to make someone feel appreciated and valued. I thought how the children’s faces seem to light up when I tell them that they did a good job. Then I remembered that adult’s faces light up that same way when I tell them “good job”. We all need to be reminded that what we do and who we are matters.

Once again, I was reminded of an important lesson by the example of a four year old. I was reminded that two words can change a person’s entire day. I was reminded that from time to time, we all need to hear that we are doing a “good job”. So, I am going to try and be more like a four year old this week. After all, don’t we have to become “as a little child” to inherit the kingdom of Heaven?

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1 Response to What I learned from a four year old – Part two

  1. Palak says:

    This is something that should be thought about though..

    My thought process goes hand-in-hand with a post on a more recent blog of yours about patience..

    In our current society, “Generation Now”.. everyone wants instant gratification.. they want their “rewards” now.. Matthew chapter 6.. more or less says if you receive your reward on earth than you receive it not in heaven..

    Everyone wants to hear “good job” on everything they do these days. Kids all want the “gold star” on their papers.. everyone wants a trophy..

    …and society gives it to them.. when they are kids..

    These kids who have been praised on EVERYTHING they have done then “grow up” and expect the same treatment from their jobs and are SORELY disappointed when their boss gives the employee of the month status to ONE employee and everyone else goes “unrecognized” so to speak.. when their spouse treats them like an adult and doesn’t pat them on the back for BEING A GROWN UP.. they “throw tantrums”.. (the divorce rate is highest amongst “Generation Now” couples)

    While taking the time to say “well done” when it is deserved.. we need to remember also the simple fact that LIFE IS HARD WORK.. and we ALL go through it..

    So in closing.. yes, if you see someone struggling/having a rough day… make an extra effort to bring their smile back (and compliments are a GREAT way).. but remember more so to remind others that the greatest “praise/reward” we can receive for our actions will come with patience when we wait to receive it from our Heavenly Father.


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