Like A Weed…

Recently, as I was leaving a local gas station, I saw a few flowers growing out of the driveway. They were just wildflowers or “weeds” as some might call them, but they seemed so beautiful in contrast to the drab, dirty gray parking lot. I gazed at them for a moment and probably would have enjoyed them longer if not for the sound of a horn behind me beckoning me to move ahead.

As I continued my journey, I reflected on the little flowers. I thought how in many ways, I wanted to be like them.

I am sure that if given the choice, they would not have chosen to be planted in the driveway of a busy gas station. However, these little flowers did not let situations beyond their control deter them. They sprouted, grew and bloomed just as they were meant to do, and seemed almost cheerful as they did.

These little flowers might seem to have less desirable lives and conditions than their relatives living in well tended flower gardens. Even so, these flowers grow, flourish and do so beautifully. While not in a beautiful garden somewhere, they bring beauty every day to the lives of many passersby–some that do not have flower gardens or any other beauty in their lives.

These flowers are also much stronger than their well cared for counterparts. No matter how difficult the conditions, no matter how severe the trials thrust upon them, they continue to grow. Even in the harshest environments they continue to survive–they continue to persevere.

So, I think that I will try to be more like these “weeds” growing in the dingy driveway of a gas station. I will try to be cheerful and not let circumstances beyond my control deter me from what I am meant to do or be. In times of trial, I will try to be strong and persevere and no matter how difficult my life may become, I will try to bring beauty to the lives of those who pass my way.

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2 Responses to Like A Weed…

  1. Rose Haynes says:

    Sandra you do bring beauty to the lives of so many….I love your blog and I love your outlook on life. You are a positive influence for me….I love you dear friend and birthday sister.


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