Seeing clearly now….

The window in my office overlooks a small courtyard. It’s nothing fancy, but I enjoy gazing out upon it during the course of my workday. I work in a very old building. Until a few hours ago, the view of this courtyard had been obscured by a very aged and weathered window, storm window and screen.

Today, all of these worn and ragged layers obstructing my view of the courtyard were removed. They have been replaced by a shiny, new, energy efficient window with tinted glass and UV protection.

Now, as I look out at the courtyard through my new window, I am amazed by how much I have been missing. I am able to see so much more than I did before and I am able to see everything so much more clearly. I did not realize how much the old window had limited my view.

As I have spent the morning enjoying my new window, I have been pondering how many other worn and ragged layers acquired throughout my lifetime might be obstructing or limiting my vision. Have I let experiences and events in my life color or limit my view? Have I allowed prejudices, biases and intolerances to slowly build up unnoticed and cloud the window that I use to gaze upon the world around me and the people in it?

I need to try harder to clean the windows through which I view the world. I need to seek for and try to remove all of the layers that may be clouding my view and try not to judge people and situations based on the limited vision that I have at this moment.

I believe that with each step we take that brings us closer to our Heavenly Father, we will see the world a little more clearly. As we strive to align our lives with His will, He will help us to see the world through His eyes and we will be amazed to find how much we have been missing….

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2 Responses to Seeing clearly now….

  1. Kelli says:

    You see God and His beauty in all things. I think we could all use some spiritual Windex in our lives.

    Thank you for sharing your insights!


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