On The Right Track

I love riding on the train. I love just about everything about it. I love the sounds. I love the gentle, rhythmic, rocking motion as it moves across the tracks. I even love the smells. Most of all, I love being able to relax and enjoy the scenic vistas outside my window while someone else worries about having to navigate and drive.

Several years ago, I was excited to hear that Amtrak was reestablishing rail service to my state. Since that time I have enjoyed taking the short train trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth area many times.

Most of these trips have been fairly uneventful. Some, however have involved various difficulties and delays. Often, the train will have to slow or even stop for a time to accommodate another train that shares the same tracks. Sometimes the passengers, including myself, become impatient, viewing these delays as nuisances or inconveniences. We fail to realize the imminent danger that these delays are meant to avoid.

We, as passengers on the train, must place our trust in the engineer. He has traveled these tracks many times before. He knows where there are curves, bridges and tunnels. He knows to watch for debris and other obstacles on the tracks. He knows where the tracks must cross roads and when and where other trains must share the same tracks. It is his job to bring us safely to our destination.

Even though the engineer will do everything within his power to help his passengers arrive safely, the success of this journey is also reliant upon the passengers themselves. As a passenger, I must choose and board the right train—the train that is headed where I want to go. I must also remain on the train. No matter how many stops it makes along the way, no matter how many of my fellow passengers leave the train before it reaches its destination—I must stay on the train.

Our journey through this life is very much like this train trip and our Heavenly Father like the engineer. He is very familiar with the path we are traveling. He is aware of the obstacles and dangers that lie ahead of us. He knows how steep the mountains, how sharp the curves and how long and dark the tunnels. We must choose our destination, stay on the train and listen to His counsel and He will bring us safely there.

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4 Responses to On The Right Track

  1. Dotti Bond-Rogers says:

    This one hit home today! Thank you so much.


  2. lynda eggimann says:

    Great story.. good lesson and just the right length. Time is short, we put longer things on the ‘later’ list and then never get to them.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never been on a train before. Always wanted to though. Maybe someday. Great perspective. Made me want to go read my patriarchal blessing (:



  4. judy says:

    I liked the line, “I must stay on the train.”


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