I Believe In The Sunshine

Earlier this week, as I drove to work, I enjoyed a magnificent sunrise. Moments later, hundreds of puffy little white clouds seemed to literally fill the sky. The temperatures were unseasonably mild for August in Oklahoma, and I remember thinking to myself that this was a perfect day.

Less than two hours later, I glanced out my office window to find skies as dark as night and rain showers so heavy I could barely see the building across the courtyard. Within minutes the puddles were getting so deep I was considering seeking higher ground.

Almost as quickly as they arrived, the clouds dissipated and the rain ended. Within minutes, the warm, bright rays of sunshine had disposed of any evidence that it had even rained at all. As a matter of fact, I was almost certain that if I strained my neck and squinted real hard, I could see the faint outlines of a rainbow on the horizon.

As I marveled at how quickly and drastically the weather had changed, I was reminded of the words of the song “I Believe In The Sunshine” by Roger Miller. I spent a few minutes musing over the fact that he probably wrote the song because he grew up in Oklahoma and was well acquainted with the fickle nature of the weather here.

Once I got over my momentary amusement, I thought about the words that he wrote: “Even when the times are hardest, Even when the nights are darkest, I believe in the sunshine, Even when it rains.” I thought how fitting the words seemed to be at the time.

Granted, this particular storm was short lived, I didn’t have to wait very long this time for the sun to shine again, but it reminded me how quickly storms can come into our lives. More importantly, it reminded me that no matter how dark and difficult things may appear at the time, the storms are temporary. Soon the clouds will disappear, the rain will stop and the sun will shine again.

So, when the storms of life come and I am tempted to give up or buckle under their pressure, I will try to remember that even the worst of storms will pass in time. I will seek for my Heavenly Father’s help and I will do my best to believe in the sunshine even when it rains.

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