Coming into Focus

Last week, I wrote about the beautiful patches of sunflowers that line the road near my home. Since then, it seems that everywhere I go, I see sunflowers. I am seeing sunflowers in places that I never noticed them before. I have seen them in the field next to my office building and along the busy interstate that I travel to get there.

Not only am I noticing sunflowers more, but friends who follow my blog have been pointing them out to me and sharing their pictures, thoughts and stories about them. Thanks to one of these good friends, I even have a new “sunflower song” that plays in my head now when I see them.

As I have pondered why there were suddenly sunflowers everywhere that I looked, I came to the logical conclusion that they did not magically spring up overnight. It is not the sunflowers but my focus that has changed. I am noticing them more because they are in my thoughts more.

The same is true with my friends and their generous “sunflower sharing”. They have shared their pictures, stories and songs about sunflowers with me, because I shared my blog about sunflowers with them. They were contributing to a topic that I began.

As I reflected on this, I was impressed with how important it is to choose uplifting and positive subjects to focus on and to write about. Focusing on sunflowers this week caused me to see sunflowers in places that I have never seen them before. Maybe, if I focus on good things, I will see the good in places and in people that I have failed to notice it before.

If I focus on service, maybe I will see opportunities for service that I did not see before. If I focus on miracles, maybe I will see the miracles that occur everyday that I did not notice before. If I focus on my Heavenly Father, maybe I will see Him and His influence more in the world around me.

If I write about and discuss these things with my friends, maybe they will too…

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4 Responses to Coming into Focus

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great article. It’s funny because I’ve been thinking the same thing lately about learning new things. I’ve been thinking about how when we learn something new, it seems to be all around us all of the sudden, when really it was probably always there, but we are just now noticing it because of our new knowledge on the subject. I like the idea of noticing good things around us, because we focus on it. Did any of that make sense or was it just a bunch of rambling? haha


  2. Anonymous says:

    Amen Sista!


  3. Rose Haynes says:

    I was thinking what a lovely blog this has been. I have a little saying on my screen saver that says “what you think you become”. This blog and last weeks blog just reminds me again that whatever we focus our attentions on will become the thing we begin to see the most of. If we focus on the good in people we see the good they do…but if we only focus on the bad in people we can only see the bad things they do. If we focus our attentions on the good in our world we can see the amazing things that are happening here. If we only focus on the negative, the wars, the hunger, the despair, then that will be all we will able to see. Today, I choose to focus on the positive, so I can see ways impact others in a positive way.


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