Road Construction Ahead…

Last week my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. This week we are celebrating by taking a much needed vacation and doing a little traveling. As you might expect, we have encountered several stretches of road construction accompanied by the familiar bright orange “road construction ahead” signs.

When I see the signs that warn of road construction ahead, I watch the road more carefully, I slow down. I am more aware of my surroundings. I watch for and prepare to navigate the orange traffic cones and barrels that will mark my path through the construction zone. I prepare myself for the slow and difficult travel ahead. Sometimes through the roughest patches of road construction I even have to stop for a time.

Some of these patches of road construction are relatively short and some seem to go on forever. Yet now, as I sit in my hotel room with these rough patches behind me, it is not these times that I remember the most. I remember the high points and good times. I remember the beautiful sites, the scenic vistas and the unusual tourist attractions. These patches were just minor inconveniences or detours. They may have slowed my journey for a time but they did not prevent me from enjoying my journey or reaching my destination.

It occurred to me that this trip and its rough patches of road construction are much like my life. From time to time, there will be rough patches of “construction” in my life. Some of these patches may be short and some may seem like they go on forever. Like the road construction zones, they may slow me down or cause delays but they will not prevent me from enjoying my journey or reaching my destination.

Even though there are no bright orange warning signs, cones and barrels, as long as I stay close to my Heavenly father and continually seek for His guidance and direction, I know that He will guide me safely through these patches. I know that no matter how painful, inconvenient or frustrating they may be, they will not last forever.

When my journey is over it is the high points and good times that I will recall most. It is the love of my friends and family and the beauty of this world that I will remember….

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2 Responses to Road Construction Ahead…

  1. Rose Haynes says:

    Wonderful as usual. While reading this, I immediately thought of a case of road rage that happened here in the South this last week or two that left 2 drivers dead. You ask why I thought of THAT!?! Well, it’s simple…their story is the complete opposite of what you are describing. It’s what I could’ve had if the missionaries had not knocked on my door over 40 years ago. It’s what I still could have today if I chose to turn my back on the teachings of those last 40 years. I won’t, because I choose to enjoy the view even in the construction zones. Thanks Sandra, you always make me think….


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