Stopped In My Tracks

Friday morning I was moving particularly slowly. It seemed with each passing day this week, my energy level dropped a little bit lower. By the time Friday arrived, I was just about on empty and looking very forward to the coming weekend.

As you might expect, my sluggishness caused me to be running a little behind schedule. When I finally got ready, I rushed out the door, jumped in my car and hurried down the road, trying to make up for lost time. Unfortunately, all of my fellow commuters were also running late and a few minutes later, I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

As I often do when traffic is at a standstill, I exited the highway in favor of the less congested city streets. For a few minutes, my journey was much improved. I was encouraged, but my progress soon came to an abrupt halt.

A few minutes after I left the highway, I found myself sitting at a railroad crossing. Under ordinary conditions this would just mean a short delay, a few extra minutes added to my trip. But this was no ordinary day. This train was stopped….

As I waited, I watched many of my fellow drivers grow impatient and leave the long line of cars. As I continued to wait, I watched more and more cars leave the line, turn around and head towards the next intersection. For a moment, I considered following their example, but I continued to wait.

The longer I waited the more impatient I became. Finally, I decided that I could wait no longer. I carefully maneuvered my way out of the line of waiting cars. Just as I did, the train began to move. By the time I made it to the next intersection, the train had made it there too, and had stopped….again.

As I found myself once again, in a long line of cars waiting for the train to move…..I sat in my car and laughed.

When I finished laughing at myself and regained my composure, I reflected on my experience. What if I had not let the actions of the other drivers persuade me to give up and try to get around the train? What if I had waited just one minute longer? The train would have passed and the obstacle in my path would have been gone. I would have been free to move forward.

We often get impatient with the obstacles in our path and the trials in our lives, especially when we see others seemingly avoiding them. It is tempting to give up or try to find a short cut or an easier route. Unfortunately, what appears to be a short cut or an easier route often leads us to the same or even worse obstacles and trials.

From now on, when I grow impatient with the obstacles and trials placed in my path, I will try not to complain or think that others have an easier route. I will try to be more patient and have more faith in God’s timing. I will think of this train and I will remember that in time He will clear my path.

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1 Response to Stopped In My Tracks

  1. Rose Haynes says:

    Like always your message reminds me of a gospel principle I know to be true. One of my favorite scriptures is “Be still, and know that I am God”. I separate this statement into 2 commandments: Be still, that’s the patience part, waiting on Heavenly Father isn’t easy especially since we often want answers right now. Then the Know that I am God, that’s the reward part. After the blessings come, we can see God’s hand in our lives. Great message, there are no shortcut.


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