You Can Go Home Again

Throughout my life, I have heard the expression “You can’t go back home.” Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the town where I spent my teenage years and experienced this first hand.

I’m not really sure why I haven’t returned before now. My parents moved away shortly after I left for college and I while I thought about visiting on several occasions, I just never got around to it. Ironically enough, for the past 30 years I have lived less than three hours away.

I have even had meetings and appointments that have brought me within 15 miles of the town but never seemed to have the time to go that few extra miles. So a few weeks ago, when I found myself close to the town I once called home, I decided to finally take the time to stop and visit.

I didn’t expect the town to be exactly as I had left it 30 years ago. I did not expect it to be unchanged, untouched by the passage of time. I did however expect that I would still recognize it.

As I drove through the streets of my former home town, I found that it had somehow grown to more than four times the size it was in my youth. I found myself struggling to identify once familiar landmarks. I felt like a stranger in a place I once called home.

I couldn’t fathom how places once so familiar, places that I once could find blindfolded, were now so foreign, so unrecognizable. As I looked closer, past the new shopping centers, restaurants and housing additions I found that the places I knew were still there. The house I lived in, the church I attended, the football field where I cheered on Friday nights, they were all still there.

As I focused on these familiar landmarks, I was able to navigate through my old home town. I was able to find my way again.

As I have reflected on this experience, I thought how similar it is to our experience in life. We often start out knowing the path that we should take but along the way we get distracted. We let people and things get in our way that misdirect us and obscure our view of the right path. As time passes, often the path becomes almost unrecognizable to us.

Fortunately, with our Heavenly Father’s help we can find the path. We can “go home again.” If we stay close to Him and seek after His guidance, He will show us the landmarks that mark the right path. He will show us the way back to our Heavenly home.

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3 Responses to You Can Go Home Again

  1. Rose Haynes says:

    When I moved away from my childhood home I would return to visit friends from there and go by the old haunts just to revisit the memories and see if they were still there. That little town in SW MO seemed to be frozen in time and space. Then, it was struck by a tornado that took out most of main street and many other landmarks and even though much of the town stayed the same much of it changed. Last time I visited that town I said my final farewell. I had worked through all the old history that held me there and released it. Now when I think of home, I think of the home I made in OK and returning there is a joy I look forward to.


  2. Deborah says:

    Great post. I like the comparison you made. I feel the same way when ever we visit NV. It has changed so much since I moved away, that I hardly recognize it when I go back.


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