Lessons Learned in Kindergarten

When I was five years old, I thought that I knew everything….

The year that I turned five, my mother reluctantly enrolled me in kindergarten. I was bright and fairly knowledgeable for my age, but I was sure that I knew more than my parents, my older sister, and definitely my teacher.

After spending what seemed like decades in the corner, enduring several unpleasant episodes of having my mouth taped shut and delivering one too many unpleasant notes home to my parents, I came to the decision to be a little less vocal in sharing my opinion.

I was released from my kindergarten captors every day at noon. And every day at noon, my mother would be waiting to walk me safely home. We only lived a few blocks away but to the mother of a five year old, it might as well have been twenty miles…So every day my mother was waiting to walk me home, every day but one.

I’m not really sure what happened that day to cause my mother to be late, but when I came bounding out the doors at noon, she was nowhere to be found. I had been given strict orders to wait for my mother in a situation such as this, but since I knew everything, I took off on my own.

Half an hour later, I sat happily in front of the television watching cartoons and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while my mother had parents, teachers and local police frantically combing the neighborhood. When she found me safe at home she was very relieved but she was also very unhappy with me. I, on the other hand, did not understand what all the fuss was about.

A short time later one of my friends was walking home from school and barely escaped a would be abductor. As I witnessed the fear and terror he experienced, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe my parents and teachers did know a little bit more than I did.

I began to realize that maybe my parents’ rules were there to protect me and keep me safe. Maybe, they did know more about the dangers and perils in my life. Maybe their rules existed because they loved me and wanted me to be happy.

Throughout my life I have come to realize the same to be true of our Heavenly Father and His rules. We often believe that we know everything, that we know what is best for us. We don’t understand how limited our knowledge really is.

Our Heavenly Father loves us very much and He wants us to be happy. He knows the dangers that exist in this world that can threaten our safety and happiness. He has given us commandments to protect us and keep us safe. If we strive to stay close to Him and follow His teachings we will be happy in this life and the next….


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