Reminiscing with Hall & Oates


Thirty-one years ago this month I attended a Hall and Oates concert with my future husband. This month, with my husband of over thirty years by my side, I attended another Hall and Oates concert. As I sat in the auditorium waiting for the concert to begin, I couldn’t help but reminisce about that first concert and the thirty plus years that had transpired since.

I thought about the young woman at the first concert. I smiled as I remembered how full of hope and excitement she was as she anticipated her future. I thought about all the things I would like to tell her if I could. I could warn her about the poor choices and bad decisions I had made. I could tell her about the struggles and trials that lie ahead. Maybe I could help her to avoid some of the pitfalls and stumbling blocks that  I know the next thirty years will bring.

As I reflected on what I might tell my younger self, I realized that I wouldn’t want to warn her about any of those things. If I had not made the choices and decisions that I have made, if I had not experienced the trials and tribulations that I have experienced, I would not be the person that I am today. I would not have the empathy, compassion and patience for others who are experiencing similar trials and making similar choices.

So what would I tell her? I would tell her that her Heavenly Father loves her very much and will be there for her no matter what. No matter how hard things may get or how much her heart is breaking, He will always be there for her.

I would tell her that her Heavenly Father will  also send many special friends to help her through the hard times. They will love her, hug her, cry with her and stay by her. I would tell her that she should never pass up an opportunity to do the same for them and  for others in her life.

I would tell her to always look for miracles because they are all around her. I would tell her that if she doesn’t see one right away, she should help make one happen for someone else.

So while I sat waiting for my second Hall and Oates concert to begin, I recognized that I am a little older and a little wider, but  I am also a little wiser. I am very grateful for who I am today and for who I may yet become with my Heavenly Father’s help….


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11 Responses to Reminiscing with Hall & Oates

  1. Sondra Richards says:

    Love this one Sandra!! I needed it this week.

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  2. Rose Haynes says:

    Totally nailed it. I would still warn myself of some of those pitfalls. But, the suggestions I would tell myself….early and often. I’m so grateful you are a part of my life. Love you, birthday twin.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Like your other friend, I also benefited not only from your entry but also from your life. You see I am one of the recipients of your life experiences that begat in you all the love and compassion that makes Sandra who she is today. Yet another reason I am so glad I am not God. I would have spared you all the hard times motivated out of my love for you – but oh what you and those that know you would have missed if I had done that!
    So as always…thanks Sandra.


  4. Ralph says:

    Thank you, Sandra, for the Hall & Oates reminiscing. Isn’t it amazing to find yourself at the same place doing the same thing 30 years later? Your observations are precious. Life is for real. It is not a game. If one is not where he wants to be, or even expected to be, he can change. It’s never too late. But one can never recoup the time lost. I so appreciated your remarks about Heavenly Father. We walk by faith. To maintain close contact through prayer and always strive to do what’s right and follow the inspiration one prays for, may truly take us through some deep dark valleys, but we are not alone, we will be comforted, we won’t have done all in vain, and we will succeed. God is the gardener here. Pruning hurts, but because of it we can love life and live it more abundantly. I suspect you loved the concert, again.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Loved it Sandra. reflection is something. It shows us how far we have grown in our walk with the Lord. You are such a blessing. May god continue to Bless you and your family.


  6. Deborah says:

    How fun! I haven’t been to a concert since I was in high school.

    That post got me thinking. At first I started thinking about all the things I would do different and how nice it would’ve been to avoid certain situations. But, you are right. Even the not-so-great choices have taught valuable life lessons.

    Love ya- Deb


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