A Mother’s Love

When I fell in love with and married my husband, my heart was so full. I thought that it was not possible to love anything as much as I did him…..then I gave birth. Once again, I thought that I could love nothing as much as I did my children….then I had grandchildren. With the birth of each child, each grandchild, my heart seemed to grow in it’s capacity to love.

Four weeks ago, my heart enlarged once again with the birth of my newest grandchild Patrick. My heart swelled even more as I watched my beautiful daughter Anna care for her new child. I looked on as she worried about every detail of his comfort and well-being. I watched as she worried about his every grimace, every whimper, every cry. I watched as she willingly sacrificed her own sleep, her own comfort, for her child. I watched as my child became a mother.

As I looked on with pride, I was flooded with memories of a time not so long ago. A time when this beautiful, young mother before me was my newborn child. I remembered feeling that I would do anything within my power to make sure that she was safe, protected and happy. As I looked at my child, now an adult, it occurred to me that my feelings had not changed. My love and concern for my child did not magically disappear on the day she turned eighteen. I would still do anything within my power to make sure that my child, and her child were safe, protected and happy.

As I sat reflecting on times past, I thought about this all encompassing love that a mother has for her children. I thought how every person on this earth began their life here as a tiny newborn baby. I wondered how differently we might treat others if we thought about them in this way. How different the world would be if we attempted to love every child, every individual we meet the same way a mother loves her child, or the same way our Heavenly Father loves us.

What if we worried about the comfort and happiness of everyone that we meet? What if we worried about what was causing them to be hurt, sad, or afraid? What if we were willing to sacrifice our own sleep, our own comfort to help them? What if we were willing to do whatever was within our power to make sure that they were safe, protected and happy? What if we tried to remember that they are all our Heavenly Father’s children?

I know that it is not practical to believe that we can “mother” the entire world. But how much better would the world be if we tried?

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7 Responses to A Mother’s Love

  1. kitico2005 says:

    Awesome blog! We sure would treat each other more kindly and with more respect and consideration, wouldn’t we?


  2. Nick says:

    A beautiful sentiment from the amazing mother of my children, they are truly blessed to have such a wonderful mother!


  3. Deborah says:

    That was so sweet and so wonderful.
    Really got me thinkin. Love ya (:


  4. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is AWESOME…….


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