Moments of Beauty


I have always loved flowers. I love everything about them. I love all of their beautiful colors and exquisite fragrances. I love all of the different shapes, sizes and textures. I especially love watching them grow.

Fortunately, I work in a building with exceptional landscaping. The ground’s crew devote a great deal of time and attention to the beautiful trees and flowers that surround the building. I intentionally take my time while walking to the building each day so that I can fully appreciate it all.

For the past month I have particularly enjoyed watching the flowers pushing their way up through the soil, growing taller and eventually blooming. I was excited to see the first yellow daffodils and purple irises open their blooms.

Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks of absolutely gorgeous springlike weather, Mother Nature hit the reverse button and winter returned with a vengeance. In a few short hours, temperatures dipped below freezing and a light dusting of snow covered up any signs that spring had ever arrived.

The next morning, as I arrived at work, I was saddened by the sight that I beheld. All of the vibrant blooms of yellow and purple were shriveled and frozen. While it was to be anticipated, the sight still left me feeling a little blue.

Springlike temperatures returned quickly and a couple of days later I was thrilled to see new flowers blossoming. The bulbs that had not yet opened were protected from the freezing temperatures and frost. They had survived and were now transformed into beautiful new flowers.

Since that day, I have spent even more time than usual admiring the flowers outside my office. They stand as a reminder of how fragile and fleeting the things of this world can be. They remind me to appreciate and value the beauty and wonder of this earth each and every day. They remind me to live in the moment.

I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for all of the beauty of this earth. I am grateful for all of His creations no matter how transient. I will try to remember these first brief blooms of spring and I will make a greater effort to appreciate all of the beautiful things, and people in my life every day and every moment.



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4 Responses to Moments of Beauty

  1. Nick says:

    Beautiful as my wife.


  2. kitico2005 says:

    I’m loving the spring in GA. It’s my first springtime here and it is breath-takingly gorgeous! Every time I go out a new flower is added to the bouquet of the GA landscape. Like you, I’m so grateful to Heavenly Father for providing us with such a wonderful place to enjoy!


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