Taking My Turn


One day this week, I was having a particularly rough day and I was feeling a bit blue. A good friend extended a little extra kindness and caused my day to take an abrupt turn for the better. When I thanked my friend for rescuing my day he said that it was simply his turn.

I thought about his words for some time after that. I thought about all of the wonderful people that my Heavenly Father has placed in my life. I thought about all of the kindnesses that they extend to me on a daily basis. I wondered if I was taking my turn enough.

As I continued to reflect on this, I thought about all of the people that I encounter in my daily life that might be having bad days too. I wondered how many of these people might not have someone in their lives to show them the extra kindness they need to turn their day around.

As I pondered this, I made a greater effort to keep my eyes open and look for opportunities to show forth a little extra kindness to those I meet and associate with each day. I was excited to see how many opportunities presented themselves to me. I know that these opportunities were always there, I was just too preoccupied to notice.

As I focused more on others and less on myself, as I saw the happiness of others grow and increase so did mine. I was happier than I had been for some time. Funny how Heavenly Father blesses us as He uses us to bless others.

So next time I am feeling discouraged or blue, instead of waiting for someone to cheer me up, instead of waiting for someone to take their turn, I am going to remember this week and I am going to remember to take my turn more often.


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