Mists of the Past


When my children were young they played a game called Amazon Trail. The object of the game was to survive a journey down the Amazon river. During the journey, they learned about the people, animals and plants along the way. From time to time, they encountered dense fog or “blue mists” as the game referred to them. These mists magically transported them back in time which enabled them to also learn about the history of the river.

Earlier this week as I drove to work in a dense but patchy fog, I was reminded of these “blue mists.” As I drove in and out of these patches I reminisced about the fun times I had playing the game with my children. I smiled as I envisioned these “mists” magically transporting me back in time. I wondered where or when they might take me.

In the game, the mists, or game programmers, decided the point in history to which the player was magically transported. For a while, I entertained myself by speculating about what time these mists might choose to send me back to. What would be waiting for me on the other side of the next patch of fog? Would I find myself in a Native American village or surrounded by dinosaurs?

After a while, I began to ponder what would be on the other side of the mists if I could choose. If I could choose a time in history to revisit or to visit for the first time, which time would I choose?

As I attempted to answer this question my brain went into overload. There were too many options—when I met my husband,when my children were young, when I was young, when my parents and grandparents were young…..That doesn’t even begin to cover all of the choices that I thought about. After I finished all of these personal options, the history major in me went crazy with other options….

I finally came to two conclusions. The first, is that I am a little grateful right now that time travel is not possible…..The second, is that I am very grateful that my Heavenly Father was the one who chose when to send me to this earth.

So this week, I am going to do my best to appreciate the past but live in and enjoy the present. I will seek for my Heavenly Father’s guidance and direction to make my time on this earth what He would have it be.

Hopefully, one day, my present may be the past that someone else appreciates….


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7 Responses to Mists of the Past

  1. Nicholas Nazar says:

    It will be, mom.


  2. Cheryl says:

    Thank you!


  3. kitico2005 says:

    I do most of my time travelling through reading. I really don’t want to visit in person. I am truly grateful to live in the day and time in which I live.


  4. Cora says:

    I always believed that the past is what makes us who we are and though we cannot go back to the past, part of it still remains with us in our thoughts, memories and personality.


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