Above the Storm


Earlier this week, I heard the distant rumbling of thunder as I was getting ready for work. Within minutes, the rumbling grew closer and the sunlight shining through my window began to dim and eventually disappear. As I pulled out of my driveway, the clouds seemed to take that as their cue to open up and drop all of their contents at once.

As I drove to work, the storm grew fierce. The sky was dark as night and the winds were strong and powerful. The rain fell fast and hard and began flooding the roads. Thunder rumbled so loudly that it seemed to shake my car and the lightning was closer than I have ever seen or ever want to see it again.

When I got to work, I pried my white knuckles from the steering wheel and added a thank you and amen to the prayer that I had been voicing my entire drive to work. I rushed inside and watched as the storm continued to rage outside my office window. The last month has been a difficult one so I wondered for a moment if the weather was just mirroring my mood. Either way, it wasn’t helping it.

As the storm and my mood continued to deteriorate, I happened to see a picture that someone posted. Someone was flying out of my local airport and took a picture just as the plane was rising above the clouds, above the storm. There right above the fierce storm that raged below was one of the most beautiful sunrises that I have ever seen. I smiled to think that while I was fighting the storm below, that beautiful sunrise was there right above me the entire time. I could not see it, but it was still there.

As I reflected on this beautiful unseen sunrise, I thought about all of the times that we fight the storms of this life and feel as if we are all alone. We face the darkness and fierce winds of this life forgetting that just above these storms our Heavenly Father is there waiting to help.

Just like this glorious sunrise, we cannot see Him, but He is always there above the storm.



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1 Response to Above the Storm

  1. Cheryl says:

    Especially two, actually 3 thumbs-up. Thank you.


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