The Ever Changing Road of Life

rural-72950_1280I don’t do well with change.

I know that change is necessary. I know that it can be a good thing and that often it is very desirable. I know that it is inevitable and I know that I really have no choice in the matter. It will happen. I know all of these things and still….

I don’t do well with change.

So, I drive to work on the same, rural, two-lane road every day. Most days, this road is quiet, peaceful and tranquil. Other than an occasional animal crossing, my time on this road is uneventful. As you might guess, this is exactly the way I like it.

Unfortunately, one morning a few weeks ago, my travel down this road was not uneventful. It was not the same as every other day. On this particular morning, my trip was brought to an abrupt stop almost as quickly as it began by a road crew with bright orange cones, flags and vests. Slowly but surely, the crew guided me safely around the work they were performing and once again I was on my way.

I had scarcely cleared the road crew and their work site when ahead in the distance I saw flashing lights, huge electric company trucks and yet another work crew. As I drove closer, I could see that this crew was setting new wooden poles in the ground and attaching electric cables to them high in the air above the little road.

With all of the “human” activity on this normally quiet road, it is only natural that the animals who call the area home would be out of sorts. So, it was no surprise that once I cleared this second work crew, I spent some time yielding to livestock that were calmly meandering from one side of the road to the other.

In time, I cleared all of the obstacles on the little road and made my way to the highway. I hurriedly merged into the flow of cars just in time to be stuck smack dab in the middle of the rush hour traffic jam.

As I sat in traffic barely moving, I thought about my morning drive and others like it. Most days are smooth, peaceful and predictable. But interspersed with these are days filled with obstacles. There are days with accidents, flat tires, pot holes and car trouble. There are days when I encounter road construction, bad weather, hazardous roads and inconsiderate drivers.

I thought how our lives are very much like my travel to work each day. Our lives can be moving along smoothly with no problems in sight when an obstacle can hit us from out of left field. Our calm, peaceful days are interspersed with days of sickness, sorrow and trials. Unfortunately, this life is a series of unforeseen events.

I don’t do well with change…

But, all is well, because I know that as I travel down this ever changing road of life, my Heavenly Father and those He sends to meet me along the way will help me travel safely home.

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1 Response to The Ever Changing Road of Life

  1. May Jo says:

    Ditto on the “don’t do well with change” comment! And there is so much of it – daily. If not in our jobs or relationships then simply with our bodies as age does it’s worse. Thanks for your thoughts Sandra. Keep writing!!

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