X Marks the Spot

FullSizeRender_1On the little, two-lane, rural road near my home, just beyond the bend, there is a big white X painted on the pavement. I pass by this X almost daily and for some time I have wondered why it was there and who painted it there.

I have considered doing some research to find out why it is there and how it got there, but I haven’t. I think the main reason is that I don’t really want to know. I don’t really want to know the reason it is there because I enjoy imagining why it is there.

As I drive past this X each day, I like to imagine that deep beneath the asphalt is a huge treasure chest buried there long ago. I imagine a pirate ship anchored in the nearby river and pirates dragging their treasure ashore. I see them burying it and marking its location with this big white X.

Recently as I drove past the X, my head filled with visions of pirates and buried treasure, I thought about my childhood. I thought of all the hours I spent daydreaming and playing make-believe. I thought about my childhood dreams and remembered feeling that anything was possible. I believed I could do or be anything that I wanted.

As I reflected on these dreams, I thought of all the dreams that came true and all those that had not. As I grew and matured, my dreams changed. Some dreams became more important and others became less. As time passed, I dreamed new dreams and shared the dreams of my husband and children.

My dreams have not always come true, but that doesn’t mean I have given up on dreaming. We may have to change our dreams, or dream new dreams, but we need to keep dreaming. This life can be difficult and demanding much of the time. Dreams help us believe in miracles. They help us believe that anything and everything are possible. They help us have faith that things will get better. They inspire us to have hope for the future, for our future.

I know that there probably isn’t any buried treasure under that big, white X on my little road, but I choose to keep dreaming that there could be….

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