Choosing the Right Way Home

wrong-way-167535_1280Driving down the road recently, I came upon a big yellow sign with a bold black arrow warning me that the road ahead was about to take a sharp turn to the right. Shortly after, the road joined a larger, busier road and there was a red and white yield sign warning me to watch for and yield to the heavier flow of traffic. This road and these signs were familiar to me. I pass by them almost daily, but for some reason, on this particular day, they stood out.

As I continued my drive, I watched for and noticed the multitude of signs that dotted the landscape and lined the roads I travel every day. I saw stop signs, yield signs and speed limit signs. I saw signs warning of railroad crossings, pedestrian crossings and dead end roads. I saw signs that told me not to enter, not to pass and to keep right. I even saw massive, illuminated electronic signs that warned of lane closures and accidents ahead.

As I thought about these signs and others like them, it occurred to me that I am free to choose whether I obey or heed their warnings. I can choose not to stop, yield or drive at safe speeds. I can choose to ignore the warnings about closed roads, sharp turns, railroad crossings and one-way traffic. I can choose to ignore these signs and warnings, but if I do, I am voluntarily placing myself in the very dangers they are attempting to prevent.

Just like the roads and highways we travel, our lives are a continuous series of choices. Each day we are forced to make choices from the moment we open our eyes until the moment we close them again when the day is over. We make choices about everything from what to wear and what to eat to where to live and who to marry. We are free to make unwise, foolish and even dangerous choices but we must also face the difficulty, hardship and peril these choices may create in our lives.

Fortunately, our Heavenly Father is there to help us. As we more closely align our lives and our choices with His will, He will protect us and keep us safe. He will help us avoid the dangers and pitfalls of this life.

He will guide us to the one-way road that leads us back to His presence.

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