Listening to Life

rest-413103_1280One morning recently, running hopelessly behind schedule, I rushed out the door and down the road, only to find myself sitting in standstill traffic once I reached the interstate. Several minutes later, when I reached the next exit, I opted to take my chances with the less congested city streets.

As it turned out, the city streets were less congested but not any faster. As I maneuvered my way through road construction, potholes, school zones and crosswalks, I grew more frustrated with each delay. But something I witnessed while waiting for a traffic light to change, changed my perspective, changed me.

As I sat in the turn lane waiting impatiently for the red light to change to green, I saw a man standing on the corner waiting to cross the busy street. That in itself was not unusual, but this particular man was blind.

I watched as he carefully listened to the sounds of the traffic. I watched as he began to step off the curb once or twice during a lull in traffic. I watched as he stopped himself because he heard the traffic moving again, because he was still listening.

As I continued on my way, less stressed and less impatient, I thought about this man. I thought about how difficult it must be for him to navigate the world around him. I thought how vital it was for him to listen. I thought how vital it is for all of us to listen.

What if our ability to successfully navigate this life depended solely upon our ability to listen? What if we listened to the world around us as if it did? What if we listened to others as if it did?

What if we listened more carefully to our friends, our spouses, our children? What if we listened more carefully to our mother, our father….our Heavenly Father?  How much more successful and enjoyable might our journey through this life be?

The beautiful world that our Heavenly Father has created for us and the people in it can offer us a wealth of information to help us navigate our way back home to Him if we are listening…

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2 Responses to Listening to Life

  1. Cheryl says:

    Another home run because you knocked it out of the park!

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