Learning to Dance in the Rain

I have always loved storms. Even as a child, I enjoyed curling up in the breezeway of our home watching the storms roll in. I would sit mesmerized until either the last clouds floated past the horizon or my mother told me to come inside.

I still love them today. In fact, one of my favorite memories is of the time I spent in a beautiful corner hotel room high above the streets below. Two walls of this room were covered with floor-to-ceiling windows. They created the perfect spot for me to watch the magnificent storms my first evening there. I watched with delight as the clouds rolled in, threw their tantrum and exited stage left.

While I love storms, I also respect and recognize the immense power they can possess. I do my best to prepare for and protect myself from their potential danger. I watch forecasts, pay attention to weather service watches and warnings, and listen for tornado sirens. If the storm is severe, I take shelter.

Despite their inherent danger, I still love these storms. I do not, however, share this affinity for the other “storms” in my life–the trials, tribulations and adversity that sometimes engulf us.

We all experience these storms. They come at different times and in different intensities for each of us. Some seasons of our lives are full of sunshine and blue skies while others are full of dark, threatening clouds and raging floods. Sometimes these storms produce only a fine misting of rain, barely dampening our path. Other times, they come like a monsoon with harsh, damaging winds and terrible lightning, literally stopping us in our tracks.

It is important that we learn not only to survive these storms but also to embrace them. Our natural tendency is to feel sorry for ourselves. We feel despondent and discouraged. We suffer and agonize over our plight trying merely to weather the storm until the sun comes out again. But these storms will return again…

If we are to embrace them, we must do all we can to prepare for and protect ourselves. Once we have done all that we can, our Heavenly Father will be there to help us. We need not face the darkness and fierce winds of this life alone. He will be there waiting to help.

So when I am struggling and tempted to give up, when the storms of life have left me scarred and weathered. I will fervently seek my Heavenly Father’s help. With His guidance, support and love, I will be able to embrace the storms. I will find joy in this journey of life, and even during the most difficult of trials, I will be found dancing in the rain.

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6 Responses to Learning to Dance in the Rain

  1. Velva Moore says:

    Sandra, I so happy you are back writing these, I always enjoyed them so much! Thank you for sharing! Miss you at DOC!!

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  2. Barbara Nielson says:

    How Beautifully written ❤️. Have you ever thought of compiling your thoughts into a book? I think the world needs to hear (read) your thoughts and feel the inspiration behind them. I can feel the spirit so strongly as I read and feel every single word. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with those of us who are so privileged to know you. I love you Sharona❤

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  3. Kristina says:

    Prayers for you as you weather life’s storms. ❤️

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