Never Ignore a Prompting (aka: The Disappearing Blog)

All week I worked on a blog that I planned to post today. I thought it was a good one, but for some reason I kept getting the feeling that it was not the blog I should post. It was a hectic week and consequently I continued to ignore the feeling. Last night, when I went to finish it and get it ready to post, I found it had “disappeared”.

After my initial shock and a chaotic, frantic search, I realized it was gone. It would not be posted today. As I pondered how and why this happened, I remembered all of the feelings I had ignored earlier in the week. I got a distinct and powerful impression that these feelings and disappearing blog were all from my Heavenly Father.

I spent the rest of the evening and a good part of the night considering these promptings that I had ignored all week. I remembered the words of Thomas S. Monson: “We watch. We wait. We listen for that still, small voice. When it speaks, wise men and women obey. We do not postpone following promptings of the Spirit.”

I remembered an activity from my youth that taught me the importance of listening carefully to my Heavenly Father’s promptings. I was blindfolded in a room full of obstacles and barriers. A friend was on the other side of the room giving me the directions for my safe passage. All I had to do was listen carefully for her voice and follow her instructions. Unfortunately, there were other voices and other noises that interfered with my ability to hear her. I had to focus very carefully on her voice and ignore the other voices and noises. If I did, I would travel through the room safely.

I do not know whether this week’s lesson was intended just for me or whether someone out there needed the reminder also, but I am grateful. I am grateful for my knowledge of a loving, kind Heavenly Father who is there to lead us safely through the perils and pitfalls of this life if we will only listen for and follow His promptings…

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1 Response to Never Ignore a Prompting (aka: The Disappearing Blog)

  1. Barbara B says:

    As you can tell, I’m catching up on your blogs. I love them all! This one especially spoke to me as I realized that, when I pray, I don’t stop to listen to that still small voice. I love the analogy saying that it is as if we are hanging up on Heavenly Father and not allowing Him to speak to us. I am certainly guilty of that. Your message, although it was written awhile ago, spoke to me today. Thank you for writing this. I can feel your spirit in your writings and it is beautiful!

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