In His Eyes

A couple of weeks ago, I witnessed my own personal miracle. It was completely unexpected but thoroughly appreciated. It left me feeling humble, grateful and loved by both my Heavenly Father and my friends.

It all began with my preparations to attend a long-awaited comedy improv show (The Society Comedy Troupe in Santa Clarita, California). I have a friend, Lincoln Hoppe, who is part of the show, and I had been attempting to attend this show for a very long time-TEN years in fact. To be honest, the first NINE years were due to the fact that I lived in another state over 1300 miles away.

When I moved to Southern California a little over a year ago, I began excitedly making plans to attend. Unfortunately, every time I made plans “life” got in the way. The last time I planned to be there, I found myself in the hospital. I began to think I was never going to see the show.

Fortunately, this last Saturday, everything finally fell into place and I was able to go. The show was amazing and I had a terrific time. The next afternoon, I wanted to post something on Facebook about the show and include a picture of myself and my friend. I was very hesitant because I knew that in the picture I looked vastly different from my profile picture which hadn’t been updated in quite some time.  

I reluctantly decided to update my profile picture but posted it in a way that it wouldn’t appear in the public feed. But something went wrong and I had to repost it. The second time, I got in a hurry and posted it directly to the public feed.  I was so upset.  I really didn’t want to draw any attention to it.

As soon as I posted it, it began receiving “likes” and wonderful, positive comments telling me I looked beautiful, fabulous, amazing and stunning. When the first couple of “likes” and comments came in I discarded them as flukes. Then they just kept coming, some from friends I hadn’t heard from in quite a while. I kept wondering if Facebook was somehow showing them all a different picture. I spent the evening teary-eyed…I have not felt “beautiful” in a long time…

The following day, I pulled out a book my husband had given me several years ago.  I use the card he gave me with the book as a bookmark and that morning I saw where he had written above the text of the card “To my beautiful wife.” The tears began to well up in my eyes again. It was obvious to me that my Heavenly Father was trying to send me a message.

As I pondered this miracle and this message, I marveled at the great love and compassion that our Heavenly Father has for each of us. He knows each of us personally. He knows our needs and our wants and at times, even performs miracles to help us receive them.

I am very grateful for my miracle and its message. Going forward, I will strive to see everyone as my Heavenly Father sees them. I will try to see everyone through His eyes, including myself

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