Finding My Way

My house sits on the corner. The road ends here so there are only two choices for travelers to make when they reach this point in their journey, right or left. A big yellow sign displays these two choices and a stop sign instructs drivers to pause long enough to make this choice and consider their options.

 I am relatively new to this area so I am not quite sure what lies ahead in each of these directions. I don’t know what I will encounter in my path if I choose to turn right or conversely if I choose to turn left. To gain this knowledge, I could consult a map, my GPS, or I could ask someone who is knowledgeable or familiar with the area. 

I have recently experienced some significant changes in my life and am somewhat unsure or uncertain of the path that lies ahead. When I gaze out my window at this sign I often feel as if it is taunting me asking “which way are you going to go?…which path are you going to take?”

As is the case with my road, I am new to this area, this place in my life and am uncertain which direction to go, which path to choose. I stand at an important crossroad, in desperate need of a map, a GPS or someone who knows the way…

As I contemplated my future and the unknown path that would take me there, I realized that I already possess everything I need to find my way.  

My Heavenly Father has blessed me with everything I need. I have His word as recorded in scripture to serve as my map. I have His Spirit to serve as my spiritual GPS. And through prayer, I have access to someone who knows all things, someone who knows the path I should take, someone who loves me and wants me to find my way back to Him.

So while the path I must follow may be steep and filled with bumps, potholes and construction work, I will keep moving forward. Though I may be forced at times to travel through storms and dangerous road conditions, I will not fear. I will remember that He is always watching over me, walking with me and at times, when necessary, carrying me.

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2 Responses to Finding My Way

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  2. Breanna 💚 says:

    “And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” -Matthew 28:20b

    Amen! 🙏 Beautiful post. 💚

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