I Believe in the Moon even when the Sun is shining

Recently, I ventured outside on a beautiful morning, looked up at a magnificent blue sky and saw a big, bright moon. I have seen the moon in the daytime sky many times before but it always seems to surprise and amuse me.

As my day progressed, I continued to marvel at this rare opportunity I had to see the moon and the sun share the sky.  

The logical, intellectual adult in me considered all of the scientific reasons that the moon would be shining in the daytime sky. I knew that for me to see the moon during the day, it had to be at just the right spot in the Earth’s rotation and that the right climatic conditions had to exist. But, the ever-wondering child in me continued to be awestruck by the fact that all of these conditions magically came together at just the right time for me to witness.

I love the times that I can see a daytime moon because it reminds me that the moon is always there, even though I cannot see it. It is rare and several conditions are required for us to see it, but it is still always there.

I believe that our Heavenly Father intended this as a reminder for us. Just like this daytime moon, He is always there watching over us. Just because we cannot see Him does not mean that He is not there. 

 Just like the beautiful moon that He created, He is always there. 

So, I will continue to have faith that the moon will always be in the sky above me. And I will continue to have faith in my Heavenly Father who created it.

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