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Finding My Way

My house sits on the corner. The road ends here so there are only two choices for travelers to make when they reach this point in their journey, right or left. A big yellow sign displays these two choices and … Continue reading

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A tree named Joshua

Many of you know that I am a recent immigrant to a strange and curious land called “California”. I live in what the natives refer to as the high desert. This desert is “high” because it lies at the foothills … Continue reading

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Listening to Life

One morning recently, running hopelessly behind schedule, I rushed out the door and down the road, only to find myself sitting in standstill traffic once I reached the interstate. Several minutes later, when I reached the next exit, I opted … Continue reading

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The Prayers of Bedford Falls

I know that Christmas Day was over a week ago and even New Year’s Day has come and gone. But today, it is a Christmas movie that is still lingering in my thoughts. The movie is one of my all … Continue reading

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The Light of the World

This week, I have been dealing with the effects of ending Daylight Savings Time. Every morning I have thought of it fondly as I woke feeling more rested, more refreshed. Every evening I have complained and moaned as I drove … Continue reading

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Spiritual GPS

There is a stretch of highway near my home that was replaced a couple of years ago. The old highway had been around for many years and was deteriorating badly. It was an elevated road and huge chunks of it … Continue reading

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Being Still

Not too long ago, I took a short trip and visited a beautiful wilderness area in Missouri. This area was miles from any major cities or towns. It’s rolling hills and expansive valleys provided scenic vistas that were absolutely breathtaking. … Continue reading

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Above the Storm

  Earlier this week, I heard the distant rumbling of thunder as I was getting ready for work. Within minutes, the rumbling grew closer and the sunlight shining through my window began to dim and eventually disappear. As I pulled … Continue reading

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