Life On a Roller Coaster

Some time ago, I wrote about some of my experiences riding on the train. I compared the train ride to our journey through this life. Since that time, I have began to feel as if our journey through life is more akin to riding a roller coaster.

When I was younger, I used to love to go to amusement parks. My favorite ride was always the roller coaster. I’d stand in line for what seemed like forever for the opportunity to ride one. I loved the ups and downs and the twists and turns. I loved the heights that it climbed to and the speeds that it reached. I loved the thrill of the ride.

As I think back to all of my roller coaster rides, I remember how slow and difficult it was for the coaster to climb to the top of each hill. I remember admiring the view from the top of the hill for what seemed like only a split second before the coaster plunged at lightning speed to the bottom once again.

I think our journey through this life is much closer to my experiences on these roller coasters than my rides on the train. Our lives are filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, highs and lows. Because we are human, it seems that we struggle to get to the high points and we struggle to stay there. We can be on top of the world one minute and then let a negative event send us plunging quickly back to the bottom.

Our Heavenly Father knew that the road we would travel in this life would not be straight and flat. He knew that it would be filled with heartache and struggles. He has given us the high points, the “top of the hills” to help us endure these low points. When we are at the “bottom of the hills” He sends us His comfort and peace to help us cope.

So, even though my journey though this life may remind me of the roller coaster rides of my youth, I will be grateful for the highs and try not to complain about the lows. When I am at the bottom I will try to remember the times that I have spent at the top. I will remember that my Heavenly Father is always there for me. Even when I am at the bottom, I am never there alone.  

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8 Responses to Life On a Roller Coaster

  1. Vicky says:

    Love this one, Sandy. I’m a roller coaster enthusiast, too. My life hasn’t been as full of drops as many people I know, but I still agree with your analogy. Thanks for the insights.


  2. Anonymous says:

    my rollercoaster is broke, but thats ok its still a good view :)


  3. Cora says:

    Nicely said, it truly is a comfort knowing Heavenly Father is not only there for us at the bottom, but also helping to push us back up the next hill! :<3


  4. Rose Haynes says:

    I have always hated roller coasters so I’ve never ridden on one. But, I did a life map once and what I discovered was even though I still had ups and downs…my downs weren’t as deep and my ups were higher and longer. I was able to track that trend over my lifetime. I think that is true because of the gospel in my life. As we hit those bottoms we have a loving Father in Heaven who is there waiting to helps us through whatever we are facing. And went we are on those highs he there to enjoy those with us. I’ve found that gratitude makes the lows not as low and the highs much higher for longer because I acknowledge from whence my blessings come. Thanks Sandra. We are all on this roller coaster called life and we light each others burdens if we choose to extend a hand of friendship to those around us on this same roller coaster ride.


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