Waiting in Line for a Lesson

Recently, as I sat in line at the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant, I learned another lesson about judging others. I say “another” because it seems I am often being taught these lessons. Hopefully, one day, I will need fewer lessons.

On this particular day, I was running late and in a big hurry. In other words, it was a normal day. I had been waiting for what seemed like half an hour but was probably only about five minutes. I was next in line and thrilled when the truck in front of me finally started to pull away from the window. It moved about half a car length ahead and stopped. I moved forward as far as I could but could not even get close to the window.

As I waited, once again, for this truck to move out of my way, I grew more agitated by the minute…by the second. I could not imagine why the driver of this truck just continued to sit there and block my way. Just when I thought I could take no more, the truck began to move. As the driver pulled away, I was able to see that a small car had been in front of the truck blocking his way this entire time. I had been angry at the driver of this truck and judging him for something He had no control over. He had been just as stuck as I was.

As I thought about this experience, I thought how often we judge people based on the limited and often flawed information that we possess. We do not know what experiences past or present are influencing the actions of others. We often cannot see the forces that are either motivating them to act or preventing them from acting. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to judge fairly.

I have been trying harder to avoid the inclination to judge others. I have been reminding myself that it is my Heavenly Father’s place to judge not mine. I remind myself that He knows us with a perfect knowledge. He knows our past, our present, our motives and our fears. He knows our mind and He knows our heart. He knows us…

I remember these things and I am grateful that it is His place to judge and not mine….

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2 Responses to Waiting in Line for a Lesson

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my – judging others is a besetting sin that affects me more than I am willing to admit. Thanks for sharing your insights..and battles. Another reason to love you, Sandra.


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