He is there….

Last night a terrible nightmare woke me up in the middle of the night. I must have called out, been excessively restless, or my husband just sensed my distress because he awoke immediately and asked me what was wrong. When I told him about my nightmare he said, “It is okay, I am here”.

As I drifted back to sleep, I was comforted by the words of my sweet husband. Memories floated gently to the surface and I recalled times in my childhood when nightmares caused me to call out in the middle of the night. I remembered being comforted by my mother as she held me close and reassured me that everything was okay. I remembered feeling safe and loved just knowing that she was there.

The next memories that surfaced were of a time when my own children were small. I remembered the times when they cried out in the night or came running to my room because they were frightened or had nightmares. I remembered holding them, comforting them and doing whatever I could to make them feel safe, protected and loved. I remembered telling them, “It is okay, I am here.”

As I reflected on these tender memories of my mother and my children, I thought how our Heavenly Father feels the same way about His children. He loves us and He is there for us when we are frightened. He is there for us when the trials of this life seem like nightmares and keep us up at night. He is there waiting for us to call out or come running to Him. He wants to comfort, console and do whatever He can to make us feel safe, protected and loved.

When we do call out to Him in our darkest hours, He will always be there to answer, “It is okay, I am here.”

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4 Responses to He is there….

  1. Eileen says:

    That was awesome. Food for thought. Have blessed day.💖


  2. Anonymous says:

    Great message. Wouldn’t it be nice if we answered His call to us the same way every time…”I am here.” We always want Him in our corner but we aren’t always available when He needs someone in His corner…

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