Like a Sunflower

I consider myself fortunate to live in an area that has close access to the interstate yet is still relatively rural. Every day my commute begins and ends with a rural stretch of road that I have come to know well and appreciate.

I have come to enjoy taking this part of my daily journey slowly. I love taking the time to observe all of the different trees, plants, flowers and animals that are visible as I travel down this road.

Some of my favorite things to watch are the beautiful patches of sunflowers that bloom along the sides of the road. I have always liked sunflowers. They always seem so bright and cheery. They always make me smile.

What really impresses me about sunflowers, is the way they follow the sun. Every morning as I drive past, the sunflowers are all facing the rising sun in the East. In the late afternoon, as I travel past them again on my way home, they have all turned to face the setting sun in the West. It is an awesome sight to behold.

These sunflowers look continually to the sun for their strength. They faithfully follow it as it moves across the sky throughout the day. They are firmly rooted in the ground, well prepared for the rapid growth that the sun’s continuous rays provide. Once they are mature, standing strong and tall they are able to withstand and endure whatever winds, rains and storms may come their way.

This week as I drove past these sunflowers, I thought about the example that they are to us. If we do the things that will provide us with a sure footing and look continually towards the spiritual light from our Heavenly Father, we will be prepared for the rapid growth and development that He will provide. He will help us mature, grow strong and stand tall like these sunflowers. We will be able to endure and withstand whatever winds and storms may come our way….



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3 Responses to Like a Sunflower

  1. Rose Haynes says:

    You could rewrite the Sunbeam song….Jesus wants me for a Sunflower, to follow Him each day… I like that….It works.


  2. Anonymous says:

    <3 love this!


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