Spiritual Shoes


A few days ago, I dropped my daughter off at a job that requires her to be on her feet all day. As she walked away from the car, I smiled as I saw that she was wearing a skirt and tennis shoes. As I thought about it some more, it made complete sense to me. She chose shoes that would be of the most benefit to her, shoes that would best help her to accomplish the tasks that were required of her that day.

As is usually the case, my mind quickly began to ramble on this subject. I thought about all the different types of shoes that help people walk through their lives and accomplish what is required of them. I thought about cowboy boots, steel toed shoes, dress shoes, ballet slippers and all of the shoes that people wear for their occupations or careers. I thought about snowshoes, rain boots, house shoes, sandals and all of the shoes that people wear depending on the geography or weather.

As my mind continued to ramble and the images of dozens and dozens of various shoes ran through it, I thought about the old saying “you never truly know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” This saying seemed to suddenly become more real, more meaningful to me.

I thought about all of the people associated with the shoes that had been running through my mind. I thought about the varied and diverse lives that they lead and the different trials and problems they face. I thought how walking in their shoes or by their side and learning more about their lives, their worries and their struggles can help us to truly know them. It can help us to see and understand the world as they do and to develop compassion, empathy and love for them.

I believe that our Heavenly Father places special people in our lives that try to walk in our shoes, learn to truly know us and help us through our journey here on earth. I also believe that He has blessed each of us with special gifts, strengths and abilities that help us handle the unique challenges of our lives. He gives us the spiritual shoes we need for the path that we must walk to return safely to Him.

I am grateful for the special people who have tried to walk in my shoes and have helped me through this life. I am grateful for the gifts and abilities that Heavenly Father has blessed me with that have made my path easier to walk. Most of all, I am grateful for my Savior and the example He set as He walked on this earth.

Because of Him, I know that I do not walk alone.


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1 Response to Spiritual Shoes

  1. kitico2005 says:

    As I read this last paragraph I immediately thought of the poem footprints and a cartoon of the poem that state that the two ruts in the sand were the times He had to drag me along the path. But I digress…..I loved your comments! Learning to empathize with another’s life is truly a gift of love.


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