Memories of Last Mother’s Day

momThis time last year, I spent a wonderful day with my mother. She got to meet and hold her newest great-grandson for the first time and we took some great pictures including one with all four generations. I would have taken many, many more pictures and spent much longer at her side if I had realized that one week later she would be gone.

Exactly one week after Mother’s Day, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, my mother peacefully left this world. I know that she left behind all of the pain and suffering that she faced much of her life. I know that she is with her cherished mother and many more generations of loved ones that preceded her. I know that she is happy and that I will be with her again and I know that she would want me to be happy. I know all of these things and yet, it is still difficult. I miss her so very, very much.

As this Mother’s Day has approached, I have tried to remind myself that it is just another day on the calendar and that I should not miss her any more or less than I would on any other day. But this has been a very, long, difficult and trying week. I have had to contend with sickness, hail, tornadoes, floods and power outages. It has been the kind of week that you just really want and need the comfort and love of your mom.

Fortunately, my Heavenly Father has blessed me with the love, support and encouragement of many special people in my life. During difficult times, like this week, when I am low and missing my mother, they have been there to buoy me up and help me through. They have made my way a little lighter, a little brighter.

So, this Mother’s Day, I am still a bit sad and I am still missing my mother. But I am grateful for my knowledge of a kind, loving Heavenly Father. I am grateful for the people He sends into my life to lift me up and comfort me when I am down. I am grateful that I know I will return to Him one day and that my mother will be there waiting for me..

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4 Responses to Memories of Last Mother’s Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    She is watching over you

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  2. Anonymous says:

    She would be so proud of all you have accomplished.

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  3. Pat says:

    Your message struck such a deep chord with me, since this is the first Mother’s Day, without my mom. I miss her terribly. I am comforted in knowing that her suffering is over and that I will see her again someday.. Thanks for posting this.

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  4. Ralph Beaty says:

    Thank you, Sandra, for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I have been touched reading your words today. I remember your write up from last year, too. Seeing the picture you include above, I am surprised. Your mom looks so healthy–like she has so many more years left!

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